Tim Davis

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Song Samples

Come on home cover

Simple country life

Breaking ground

The call

Step out and step in

Right side of the cross

He has

Gonna Be A Good Day

In The Time You Gave Me

Never Grow Old

What A Day

God Has A Plan

Just Go Fishing

Story To Tell

Don't Give Up

Heart of Love

Never a Man

Little At a Time

It's Love

Land Of Promise

Hands Filled With Love

Sounds Like Home To Me

Never Be Lonely Again

I'm still here

Saved me from the fire

Lay it on the altar

Come on home

It's Autumn

I call it home

The Key

Be Like Job

Nobody Loves Me Like Jesus

There's Hell To Pay

I'm So Glad He Did

In Your Arms

How I Am Blessed

Faith Without Works

That's Just The Way It Goes


Welcome Home

Where Flowers Don't Grow

My Troubles Walking In My Shoes

What A Way To Go

Turn And Pass Me By

I Call It Home